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Web Service

Flex Framework Basics

  • MXML (Macromedia XML)
    • Declarative language to define User Interface
    • Similar to XHTML
  • User Interface Components
    • Buttons, ComboBoxes, Layout Managers, Containers, Effects
  • Class Libraries
    • Everything in the flash.* and mx.* packages
    • Validation Routines, Web Services, DataTypes
Core Functionality
  • A rich set of User Interface components, via its declarative MXML language.
  • It can be used to deliver the presentation layer of an application.
  • An object oriented development language (Action Script) that can be used to
    develop significant client logic.
  • A variety of integration mechanisms (Flex Data Services) to allow Flex client Applications
    to connect to back-end server components.
  • Data Binding mechanism which allows graphical components to be bound directly
    to data sources.

  • Flex’s declarative MXML language provides a wide range of components
    to ease the development of RIA.
  • Containers
    •     - Layout
    •        Canvas, Form, VBox, HBox
  •  Navigation
    •       LinkBar, MenuBar, ViewStack
  • Controls
    • Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, DataGrid, TextInput, List, Label, Tree
ActionScript (AS3)
  • The ActionScript programming language is used in Adobe’s Flash Player
  • It is included built-in objects and functions that allow you to create your own objects
    and functions like many object-orientated programming (OOP) languages.
  • AS3 is the the first version to have full support for Object oriented programming
Testing Flex application
  • FlexUnit
    • A unit testing framework for Flex and Action Script 3.0 applications and  libraries.
    • It mimics the functionality of JUnit.
    • It is an open source.

Difference between Flex and Flash
  • Flash has been designed to facilitate the creation of interactive content,
    whereas Flex is geared toward application development.
  • Flash stores your application structure in a binary FLA file,
    whereas Flex uses a text file based on the markup language of Flex, MXML.
  • Each tool also differs in the development model it employs.
  • Flex has no timeline, no library , no drawing tools.
HTML vs Flex vs Flash

Tools used For flex Programming
    • Flex SDK
    • Flex Builder
    • Flex plugin for Eclipse
Flex SDK
  • Flex sdk is free, it can be downloaded and used.
  • It is available for  linux and window and Mac o/s.

A Simple Flex Application using Flex Builder

  • Open Adobe Flex Builder.
  • Click on File-->New-------->Flex Project
  • As Shown below.

  • Now Give a suitable name to your project.
  • As here we give it as MyFirstFlexAppliaction.
  • Then select Application type as shown below.
  • Then select Flex SDK version.
  • Then click on next button.

  • A default file for mxml will be created as shown below.
  • Do the code in code view


  • Similarly in design view  drag and drop the control

  • Now set the property in property  box
  • As shown below.

  • Now right click and select run as Flex Application
  • This will open a browser and run in it as html file in which swf file is embedded


Download zip Code

Command line tools to compile Flex 3.0

  • Open command prompt
  • Make a directory ,change into it
  • Set path to flex-sdk\bin and to flashplayer in   flex-sdk\runtime\player\win

  • Now make a file in notepad
  • Give .mxml extension for mxml file and .as for ActionScript file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="horizontal">
      public function displayMe(input1:String):void
  <mx:TextInput id="thisTextInput"/>
  <mx:Button label="Display It" click="displayMe(thisTextInput.text)"/>
  • Compile with mxmlc command.
  • After compilation both action script file and mxml file  will produce MyFirstFlexProgram.swf file.
  • As given below.

Testing of Flex 3.0
  • Run it by command FlashPlayer MyFirstFlexProgram.swf
  • You can also run it in internet browser which have flash player plugin installed.

Download Code