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1.   Fundamentals the Flex Framework

1.   What is Flex Framework

2.   New Features in Flex 3.0

3.   Understanding Flex Architecture

4.   Flex a tool to develop Rich Internet Applications

5.   Flex a MVC framework

6.   Flex Development tools

7.   Where to test flex application

8.   Flex on Mobile Devices

2.   Getting Started with Flex 3

1.   Beginning with Flex 3 Application Development

2.   Necessary Tools for building, compiling, testing and running for Flex Framework

3.   Your First Application Program

4.   Command line tools to compile Flex 3.0

5.   Testing of Flex 3.0

6.   Flex Plugin for Eclipse

7.   Understanding Flex Builder 3.0

8.   Understanding the Flex Builder 3 Workbench

9.   Creating a Second Application Page and Working in Design Mode

10.  Creating a Project and an MXML Application

         3.   Laying Out the Interface

1.   What is Constraint and constraint based layout

2.   Laying out your Interface using Containers

3.   Lay Out the E-Commerce Application Using Design Mode

4.   Functioning with Constraint-Based Layouts

5.   Navigating with View States

6.   Laying Out an Application in Source Mode

 4.   Using Simple Controls

1.   Simple Controls – an Introduction

2.   Displaying Images using simple Controls

3.   How to create a Detail View

4.   How to use Data Binding to Link a Data Structure to a Simple Control

5.   Laying out Simple Controls using a Form Layout Container

6.   Adding Radio Buttons and Date Fields to the Dashboard

5. Events Handling and Data Structures
              1. Understanding Event Handling
              2. Building a Data Structure on the creationComplete Event
              3. Using Data from the Event Object
              4. Building a Custom ActionScript Class
              5. Building a Method to Create an Object
              6. Building Shopping Cart Classes

6. Using Remote XML Data with Controls
         1. Retrieving XML Data with HTTPService
         2. Retrieving XML Data via HTTPService
         3. Populating an ArrayCollection with HTTPService Data
         4. Populating a ComboBox Control and Programmatically Adding an Option
         5. Using XML Data with a Tree Control
         6. Retrieving XML Data and Transforming It into an ArrayCollection of Custom Objects

           7. Creating Components with MXML

         1. Basics of  MXML Components
         2. Creating an Update/Delete Product Component and Instantiating it
         3. Popping Up Product Information When Clicking the Update and Delete Buttons
         4. Using the New Data Manager Component
         5. Implementing Add Product Functionality
         6. Creating and Using a Component for the Dashboard Application

   8. Custom Events

         1. Understanding Custom Events
         2.  What is the need for Custom Event Classes
         3. Declaring Events for a Component
         4. Dispatching Events
         5. Creating CategoryEvent and its utility
         6. Building ProductEvent Class and its uses
         7. Introducing Event Flow and Event Bubbling
9. Creating Custom Components with ActionScript 3.0

         1. Introducing Building a Component with ActionScript 3.0
         2. Creating the Structure of the Class
         3. Overriding the createChildren() Method
         4. Sizing and Positioning in Flex 3
         5. Understanding the measure () Method

          10. Using DataGrids and Item Renderers

         1. Introducing DataGrids and Item Renderers
         2. Adding a Generic DataGrid to ChartPod
         3. Adding HTTPService Calls to Dashboard
 11. Using Drag and Drop
         1. Introducing the Drag and Drop Manager
         2. Dragging and Dropping Between Two DataGrids
         3. Dragging and Dropping Between a DataGrid and a List

           12. Understanding Navigation, Formatters and Validators

         1. Understanding Navigation – an introduction
         2. Using a TabNavigator in the DataEntry Application
         3. Formatters and Validators – a beginning
         6. Building a Custom Validator Class
          13. Accessing Server-Side Objects
         1. Uploading Files to the Server
         2. Using RemoteObject to Save an Order
         3. Mapping ActionScript Objects to Server Objects
         4. The Flex 3 Builder Data Wizards

14. Creating Modular Applications

         1. Learning Modular Applications in Flex 3
         2. How to use Flex Modules
         3. What is Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs)
         4. How to use Flex Framework RSL Caching
 15  Debugging Flex Applications
         1. An Introduction to Debugging Techniques
         2. Observing Client/Server Data Exchange
         3. Handling Errors with try-catch

  16. Deploying Flex Applications
         1. Compiling a Deployment Version of Your Application
         2. Breaking Out of the Browser with the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
         3. Creating an AIR Application

  17. Printing from Flex
  1. Introduction to Flex Printing
  2. First time Printing Flex
  3. Scaling the Printed Output
  4. Printing a Receipt from the Checkout Process