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JPA Training Outline

  • Introduction to Java Persistence API (JPA)
    • Overview
      • Persistence Layers, Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), JDBC
      • JPA Overview
    • Mapping with JPA
      • Entities and @Entity, ids and @Id
      • Generated Id Values
      • Basic Mapping Types
    • Persistence Unit and EntityManager
      • Persisting to the DB, the EntityManager API
      • Persistence Units, Config, Persistence Context
      • Retrieving Persistent Entities with find()
    • More About Mappings
      • Default Mappings, @Basic, @Column
      • Field vs. Property Access
      • Temporal (Date/Time) Mappings
    • Logging Options (Provider based)
  • Updates and Queries
    • Inserting and Updating - Persisting new Entities, Updating an Instance, Removing an Instance
    • Querying and JPQL
      • Entity Based Queries, SELECT ,WHERE
      • Query Interface, Executing Queries, Generic Queries (JPA 2)
      • JPQL Operators, Expressions, and Parameters
      • Named Queries
    • Additional Query Capabilities
      • Projection query, Ordering, Aggregate Query, Build Update and Delete
    • Embedded Objects
      • @Embeddable, @Embedded
      • Defining and using Embedded Objects
    • Compound Primary Keys - @EmbeddedID, @IDClass, Defining Compound Keys
  • The Persistence Lifecycle
    • Transaction Overview and Transactions in JPA
      • Transaction Overview
      • EntityTransaction API (including JTA and resource-local EntityManager)
    • The Persistence Lifecycle
      • JPA Entity States (New, Managed, Detached, Removed), and Entity State Diagram
      • Persistence Context - Lifespan, Propagation
      • Synchronization to the DB
    • Versioning and Optimistic Locking
      • Overview, Detached Instances
      • Versioning, @Version, Optimistic Locking
    • Lifecycle Callbacks
      • @PrePersist, @PostPersist, etc.
      • Entity Listeners, @EntityListeners
  • Enitity Relationships
    • Relationships Overview: Object Relationships, Participants, Roles, Directionality, Cardinality
    • Relationship Mapping
      • Mapping Overview (1-1, 1-N, N-1, N-N)
      • Unidirectional and Bidirectional
      • @ManyToOne, @OneToMany, Table Structures
      • Relationship Inverse - Owning Side
      • Collection Types (List, Set, etc)
      • Cascading Over Relationships (including orphanRemoval - JPA 2)
      • @ManyToMany, @OneToOne
      • Lazy and Eager Loading
      • Queries Across Relationships (Inner Joins, Outer Joins, Fetch Joins)
    • Entity Inheritance Mapping
      • Overview
      • Single Table Mapping
      • Joined (Table per Subclass) Mapping
      • Table per Concrete Class Mapping
      • Pros and Cons
  • Element Collections (JPA 2)
    • Overview, Collections of Value Objects, @ElementCollection, @CollectionTable
    • Using Element Collections
    • Collections of Embeddables
  • Criteria API (JPA 2)
    • Overview of the Criteria API
    • Path Expressions, Building Queries (CriteriaBuilder, CriteriaQuery, Subquery, Predicate, Expression, Order, Selection, Join)
    • Executing Queries and Accessing Results
  • Additional JPA Capabilities
    • XML Mapping Files
    • Bean Validation (JPA 2)
    • Best Practices
      • Primary Keys, Named Queries, Lazy/Eager Loading, Transactional Semantics, Encapsulation, Report Queries
  • Integration
    • Data Access Objects (DAO) and Java SE Integration
      • DAO Overview
      • JpaUtil Class for EntityManager management in Java SE
      • Lifecycle Considerations
    • Integration with EJB
      • Using JPA with Session Beans
      • Container Managed (Injected) Entity Manger
      • JTA Transactions and Lifecycle Considerations
      • Extended Persistence Contexts
    • Using JPA with Java Web Apps
      • Using EntityManager in Web apps - request scoping
      • Lazy Loading - Open EntityManager in View Pattern
    • Integration with Spring
      • Injection of EntityManger, EntityManagerFactory
      • LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean
      • JPA/Spring Based DAO